About me

My name is Djordje Savic, and I was born on October 4, 1976, in Belgrade. My affection for computers started in my early childhood. After my parents bought me first C-64, I become totally delighted with computers. As I grew up, gradually my skills were improved, and over the time I got Amiga, and eventually I immersed with the PC . Web interested me since 1998 when I first began to acquire knowledge mainly individually, by reading books, tutorials, and practicing on the smaller projects.

Professional experience begin to acquire 2004 when I got my first permanent job as a web developer. I changed a few companies between 2004 and 2009 in which I gained valuable experience. I did a different kind of work from the development of the custom web applications and content management system to the work with a variety of open source solutions (Mambo / Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, osCommerce, vBulletin, PHP List, Smarty, CodeIgniter).

Very often I worked as a one-man-band, so beside coding (HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / MySQL) I was also being involved in work related to design (graphics, layout, web interface, banners, e-newsletter) maintenance and promotion of the websites, web analytics, SEO. Finally in 2009 I make a decision to get going to work independently and start my freelance career.

As a freelancer, I am focused but not limited to develop websites based on WordPress platform, or to the development of smaller custom web applications. Occasionally I can be, or I am been hired as an associate in larger projects, as part of a team where I can have a fairly flexible role either frontend or backend developer, consultant or CSS designers.

When I am not designing websites, I like to spend time in nature. I love art, travel, photography, bike riding, indie rock, cooking and good movies.

I am married with my beautiful wife that gives me great support in my work and without her I would never have succeeded. Recently we moved and now we live and work in Ljubljana.

I am currently available for a new projects, so you can contact me via skype or through the contact form bellow.

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